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Save the Date: March 30, 2021

In 2020, CCBN took new graduates on a journey to Aerospace and Space Nursing. On Tuesday March 30, 2021, CCBN is exploring qualifying nurses for space during SPACE TALKS, the pre-launch of our upcoming Space Expo. Save the date and check back soon for more info!

Check out the latest Black Health Matters article featuring words from the CCBN President! Please tell frontline workers that they MATTER. Click HERE

A message from Connect For Health Colorado CEO Kevin Patterson. REMEMBER: Apply NOW through May 15, 2021 for Health Insurance assistance. EQUITABLE HEALTH CARE FOR ALL!

Special Thanks to CONNECT FOR HEALTH COLORADO, special sponsor of the 3rd annual CCBN Health Equity Accord.

Congrats CAAH on a successful Summit!

Future nurse and CCBN Scholar Janaye Culton CNA, MA played an integral part in educating new moms. Find out more about our Scholarship Program. Apply now until July 1st for a Nursing scholarship or Nurse Science scholarship.

Click the pic for more info on the Center for African American Health contribution to culturally competent and equitable health care.

CCBN is doing its part in stopping the spread of COVID-19 by providing tips and information on how YOU can TAKE CONTROL of YOUR part in stopping the spread of this coronavirus. CLICK HERE or go to the COVID-19 tab to learn how you can TAKE CONTROL to STOP the SPREAD.

We Suggest Love... Above All... Through It All... For All

"Can't get rid of hate unless you replace it with something else." Quote from "Burden" by Andrew Heckler

Whether it's at a Town Hall, Seminar, Legislative Hearing, or Community Gathering, please join CCBN and ECCBN as we address Racism within the Healthcare Continuum.

should not be burdened with determining the health standards for

Join us in supporting under-served communities to be equal contributors in the determination of healthcare standards by increasing the number of Black/African American professional nurses throughout the healthcare continuum. You don't have to be "Black" to belong. You only need a desire to support the mission of equitable healthcare for ALL and a willingness to address health equity from a cultural perspective.

Dedication: COVID She-roes. Health field women representing Colorado on the front line of the COVID-19 pandemic. 2020

As the first REGISTERED Black nurse in the United States, Mary Mahoney was well known for her professionalism, excellent nursing skills, and her ability to inspire others to work together for human rights.
Mary Eliza Mahoney - The first African American nurse in the United States.

Mary Eliza Mahoney

For over 45 years, the Colorado Council of Black Nurses, Inc. (CCBN) has continued the tradition of professionalism, excellent nursing skills, and the promotion of equal human rights through collaborative practices that address healthcare disparities as well as health status disparities from a cultural perspective. CCBN's initiation and promotion of culturally competent and equitable health care practices within the state of Colorado has effected change in global health initiatives, national healthcare standards, Colorado state healthcare policies, and postsecondary curriculum in colleges, universities, and schools of Nursing throughout the state of Colorado; thereby improving the health status of all Coloradoans through the sustaining of high quality and professional health care.


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