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Scroll Down To See How We Promote Culturally Competent and Equitable Healthcare for All

should not be burdened with determining the health standards for

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Join The Colorado Council of Black Nurses Inc in supporting under-served communities to be equal contributors in the determination of healthcare standards by increasing the number of Black/African American professional nurses throughout the healthcare continuum. You don't have to be "Black" to belong. You only need a desire to support the mission of equitable healthcare for ALL and a willingness to address health equity from a cultural perspective.

Dedication: COVID She-roes. Health field women representing Colorado on the front line of the COVID-19 pandemic. 2020


Please Join Us In Congratulating Our Esteemed Colleague

On September 1, 2021, CCBN Interim Community Outreach POI Elerie Archer MBA, BSN, RN was awarded the 2021 Partnership in Education Award by the Aerospace Physiology Society, a branch of the Aerospace Medical Society, for her "dedication and ability to inspire students’ achievement through an innovative learning experience." Nurse Archer is a former CCBN/ECCBN President and CCBN Scholar Alumnus.


CCBN Space Talks #5: Women in Space ...

On Tuesday July 27, 2021 power hitters who have shattered the glass ceiling in their own right are living testimonies that eliminating barriers to give our next generation the best opportunities to make a difference in Earth's pursuit of space is a smart investment. Featured panelist Christina Korp, CEO of Purpose Entertainment and co-founder of The People's Moon, comes full circle to move the conversation forward about space and the importance and value of nurses in space. Annette Cannon Phd, RN, the Jefferson County Coroner, who addressed life and the inevitability of death in space, and Camille Eddy, Product Engineer and Visibility Strategist for Women in Engineering, who is on a mission to curb the cultural biases in Artificial Intelligence (AI) provided CCBN Space Expo Moderator and Emmy winning journalist Lori Lizarraga enough nuggets of information to highlight how space is an entry point into STEM for our next generation.



On 6/19/2021, three (3) long years and 3,000 signatures later, Commerce City Councilwoman and CCBN member Jennifer Allen-Thomas RN, FNP (3rd from left) witnessed the reward of her dedicated labor as Governor Jared Polis signs House Bill 21-1219 to establish the specialty nurse license plate for nurses and Coloradoans who support them. Parts of proceeds from the sales of these specialty license plates are earmarked to fund nursing scholarships through professional nurse organizations including the Colorado Council of Black Nurses Inc (CCBN), Colorado Chapter of the National Association of Hispanic Nurses (NAHN), and the Philippine Nurse Association of Colorado (PNACO). The Colorado Nurses Foundation will have the honor of overseeing the distribution of funds. On hand to witness the momentous occasion are bill supporters (from left to right) Senator Janet Buckner, Lieutenant Governor Dianne Primavera, Senator Dominic Moreno, Colorado Nurses Association's Colleen Casper, and CCBN co-founder Dr. Margie Cook RN, FNP.




CCBN Space Talks #4: Space For All ...

On Tuesday June 29, 2021, equity advocates packed with solutions showed how racial discrimination is not the only form of exclusion and that eliminating those exclusionary barriers instead of lowering the bar will give our next generation the best opportunities to utilize their talents to advance space habitation. June's featured panelist, Space Frontier Foundation's Diversity Equity and Inclusion Chairman Kim Macharia, emphasized the urgency to close the talent gap in the space industry and to democratize and diversify space. Faithful CCBN Talks Moderator Lori Lizarraga expertly coaxed words of wisdom from Bessie Coleman Fly Girls and Boys Founder Jacqueline Withers, Intel's Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officer and Vice President of Social Impact Dawn Jones, CCBN Space Expo Creator Anastacia Cox, and Philippine Nurses Association of Colorado Vice President Armi Earlam that's sure to serve as fuel to inspire our next generation to overcome barriers and raise the bar "to infinity and beyond!"


CCBN Supports Youth and Witnesses Historic Commemoration of Bessie Coleman.

It was 100 years ago on June 16, 1921 that the first Black female pilot, Bessie Coleman, received her international pilots license in France and returned to the United States of America to exact change in civil rights practices through her courageous actions. Today, the Bessie Coleman Fly Girls and Fly Boys Take Flight Leadership Aviation, an organization founded by Jacqueline Withers (RN retired) that teaches leadership and aviation skills to teens, foster our next generation of leaders. As several of this year's graduating class are interested in Nursing and aviation, perhaps they will be our first Nurse Astronauts as pilots if not nurses in near future space exploration. At the evening award ceremony, CCBN President Robin Bruce FN, RN encouraged graduates to apply for the Bernard F. Gispon Sr. Nurse Science Scholarship to further their pursuit of Nursing. Graduates received their wings which were pinned on them by the last surviving Tuskegee Airman residing in Colorado, First Top Gun LT. Col. James H. Harvey III.


The 2021 New Grad Symposium was offered FREE thanks to our sponsors RALI Colorado, Peer Assistance Services, and the CCBN Membership. We Thank You!

Thanks to Dr. Laura Excell RN and Michael Wilkins MSW, LCSW those new to the nursing profession had the opportunity to learn from experts about the importance of nurses and other health care professionals to maintain our mental health. Participants were educated on compassion fatigue, burn out, nurse bullying, coping skills, substance abuse, and paravagal therapy. Special thanks to New Grad Symposium Coordinator and member Lynn Hoskins RN for her dedication to keeping the symposium successful with relevant topics year after year. Thanks again to Peer Assistance Services and RALI Colorado for their contributions that help CCBN to continue providing services to the community free of charge.

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Men, How's Your Health? Quick Screen Guide

Screening Guide courtesy of Pfizer and Urology Care Foundation

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CCBN is doing its part in stopping the spread of COVID-19 by providing tips and information on how YOU can TAKE CONTROL of YOUR part in stopping the spread of this coronavirus. CLICK HERE or go to the COVID-19 tab to learn how you can TAKE CONTROL to STOP the SPREAD.

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We Suggest Love... Above All... Through It All... For All

"Can't get rid of hate unless you replace it with something else." Quote from "Burden" by Andrew Heckler

Whether it's at a Town Hall, Seminar, Legislative Hearing, or Community Gathering, please join CCBN and ECCBN as we address Racism within the Healthcare Continuum.

As the first REGISTERED Black nurse in the United States, Mary Mahoney was well known for her professionalism, excellent nursing skills, and her ability to inspire others to work together for human rights.
Mary Eliza Mahoney - The first African American nurse in the United States.

Mary Eliza Mahoney

For over 45 years, the Colorado Council of Black Nurses, Inc. (CCBN) has continued the tradition of professionalism, excellent nursing skills, and the promotion of equal human rights through collaborative practices that address healthcare disparities as well as health status disparities from a cultural perspective. CCBN's initiation and promotion of culturally competent and equitable health care practices within the state of Colorado has effected change in global health initiatives, national healthcare standards, Colorado state healthcare policies, and postsecondary curriculum in colleges, universities, and schools of Nursing throughout the state of Colorado; thereby improving the health status of all Coloradoans through the sustaining of high quality and professional health care.


Please consider making a tax deductible donation to the Colorado Council of Black Nurses, Inc. Thank you!

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