Although cash or in-kind donations are a necessary resource and are always welcome, it is not the only type of resource. A balanced portfolio of different resources will ensure the success of the mission and make the vision a reality. Please consider DONATING your TIME, TALENT, and/or RESOURCES. Can't decide? Making a general donation is a handy option that's always useful and appreciated. Thanks so much for giving!

More Ways To Give:

To give to a specific program or initiative, simply click on the red highlighted text of the fund you wish to donate to. Once in the payment menu, either click the "(optional) use this donation for" drop down menu to specify where to direct your donated funds or go directly to the payment method if you do not wish to specify. A monthly donation option is also available for sustained giving. Thank You for Your Support!

The CCBN Scholarship Program Fund is the general fund for the Scholarship Program that is available to distribute monies across all education and education supports funding platforms offered through the Colorado Council Black Nurses Inc. Want to add a personal touch? Send a message with your donation as a Friend and Family Donor or as a Community Support Donor.

The Dorothy Livingston Memorial Donation is in recognition of the pioneering contributions to the advancement of the profession of nursing by past member, the late Dorothy Livingston, and is distributed to the Scholarship Program Fund.

The Colorado Opportunity Scholarship Initiative (COSI) Matching Grant is an incentive out of the Colorado Department of Higher Education that matches dollar for dollar donations made to the Scholarship Program.

The Dr. Cook Birthday Giving Initiative embodies the giving spirit of founding member Margie Cook PhD, RN whose practice of giving gifts on her birthday instead of receiving them encourages donors to give a monetary gift in the dollar amount of their age on their birthday to CCBN for use in support of its various programs and initiatives.

Mission Support Donations go a long way in assuring that our Divisions and supporting Departments have the funding to fulfill their various duties, to be ever ready to embark on health initiatives as the need arises, and to institute any programs that support the profession of Nursing to be a force of optimal health care for all people.

The COVID-19 Relief & Research Fund are funds concentrated toward empowerment during the time of COVID-19. Whether it's assisting with post coronavirus infection follow-up care such as free or steeply discounted telehealth care, assist families of frontline workers, global COVID outreach assistance, funding elementary and secondary school student COVID research projects to stave off mental health stressors and feelings of hopelessness by empowering youth to be active contributors in triumphing over COVID-19 and more, these funds are used to support initiatives that improve physical and mental health in the time of COVID. Some funds may be used to help support Project PPE AID.

Event Sponsorships is an opportunity for those interested in supporting our annual public events of the CCBN Health Equity Accord, New Grad Symposium, Scholarship Soiree, and CCBN Space Expo. Any amount greater than, less than or in between the suggested donation is welcomed and equally appreciated!

After clicking the donate button, you may select the "(optional) use this donation for" option to select the donation platform that's the right fit for you.

Thank you for your generosity!

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