Member Benefits & Dues

Membership Benefits

The Colorado Council Black Nurses Inc. is actively engaged in finding solutions to resolve the many issues currently challenging the profession of nursing and nursing education on local, national, and global levels. CCBN has improved health statuses across cultural and racial divides through their influence on health care delivery including through inspiring the formation of and/or supporting a multitude of community based health service organizations that serve the city, state and nation, and through collaborative practices that address global health status disparities in countries as far-reaching as areas within the continent of Africa. CCBN's contributions through its members to nursing education has been formally recognized, including the awarding of Professor Emeritus to two of our members. The benefits of being a CCBN member include but are not limited to:

  • Leadership opportunities through department programs, initiatives, and collaborative associations.
  • Skills development and increased medical knowledge base through education topics presented at monthly meetings and free quarterly professional development workshops.
  • Professional speaking experience through engagements at town halls and media outlets including television and radio.
  • Profession advancement contribution through collaborations with schools of nursing, mentoring, scholarship, community outreach and transition-to-practice.
  • Opportunities to shape the future of medicine through outreach and promotion of health sciences to elementary and secondary education students.
  • A host of networking opportunities.


ECCBN Membership Benefit

CCBN supports the national outreach of the Eastern Colorado Council Black Nurses Inc (ECCBN) and promotes involvement in its national initiatives through encouragement of and convenience in membership enrollment to qualifying CCBN members. Benefits to this additional membership include but are not limited to:

  • Leadership opportunities through national committees and task forces.
  • Networking with African American nurses from around the country, the Caribbean and Africa.
  • Additional scholarships through ECCBN and NBNA.
  • Association partnerships with local, state and national organizations.
  • Speaking engagements at national and local conferences, including Congressional Black Caucus Health Brain Trust.
  • National Minority Quality Forum
  • Participation in NBNA's National Initiatives on Violence Prevention, Global Health, Mentorship and Brain Health
  • NBNA Webinars, CE and Non-CEU
  • A host of international networking opportunities.



Why Do We Pay Membership Fees?

Nothing in life is free - not even to nonprofit organizations; therefore, payment of membership fees called dues are essential for CCBN (and ECCBN) to carryout its work and the expenses that go along with that. Dues makes it possible for CCBN to continue to offer the majority of its resources and services free of charge to the communities we serve, and contributes to the support of our nursing students by way of scholarships, grants and other assistance as needed. Similarly, ECCBN local and national dues maintains ECCBN's charter with the National Black Nurses Association Inc., allows for a national platform, and opens up more scholarship opportunities.

Everyone (including students) makes an investment in CCBN, meaning we are 100% invested in time, talents, and finances. Likewise, when we ask non-members to invest in our efforts and support our mission, we know without a doubt that we're not asking others to do something we wouldn't be willing to do. Invest today.

Membership Fees

CCBN Dues:

  • $100/year   (That's less than $10/month!)
  • Student/First Year Grad $50/year
  • A provisional membership status with limited rights and benefits may be granted for students in the prerequisite stage of nursing school and/or or for new applicants applying between the months of August-November of the current year for an additional, prorated fee. Membership fees for the upcoming calendar year must be paid to be privy to this membership status. Students excepted.

ECCBN Local Dues (additional):

  • $100/year   (CCBN members enjoy a special discount)
  • Student/First Year Grad $50/year

ECCBN National (NBNA) Dues (additional):

  • Student $50 (total additional $100.00)
  • First Year Grad $150 (total additional $200.00)
  • RN  $225.00 (total additional $325.00)
  • LPN/LVN  $175.00 (total additional $275.00)
  • Retired $112.50 (total additional $212.50)
  • Lifetime $2000 (total additional $2,100.00) *May be paid direct to NBNA in $500.00 installments four [4] times in one [1] year). Final payment due May 15th in order to be printed in the Conference Program Book or through CCBN in 5 or 10 easy installments.
  • Associate Membership  $175.00+ (total additional $275.00+)
  • Sponsored $5 set up fee (+ $100 student membership paid by sponsor)

*Please note: PayPal fees apply for online payment and are included when the payment link is clicked.



ECCBN Membership Enrollment Periods:

  • The ECCBN membership enrollment period begins in August for the upcoming calendar year of January through December. Installment plans for the following calendar year are available beginning in January of the current year with a choice of 5 installments or 10 installments for members whose budgets do not allow for a lump sum payment.
  • To qualify for national voting rights, local and national membership dues must be PAID IN FULL not later than February 20th yearly through local submission or on the ECCBN website. Registration on the NBNA (national) website is available through March 31st yearly to retain national voting rights.
  • Please note: Membership fees paid after March 31st establishes a member as in good standing with LOCAL voting rights but not NATIONAL voting rights. All other local and national benefits remain in full effect however. Current year enrollment is accepted up until July annually.

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